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Long Term Games Completed

When and where are the lab meetings?

We meet every Friday from 2 PM to 4:00 PM (PST)!

We're located on SDSU's campus in the ESports Engagment Center which is found in the hallway of the library dome! See the attached graphic for more instructions.

What events does AGL host?

Long Term Games

Each year the club develops one long-term game with members from each of the five teams. Art, Audio,  Level Design, Programming, and Story. These games give members an opportunity to experience what working in the industry is like.

Game Jams

Hackathons for games! Game developers meet in a controlled space to develop, share ideas, and create something cool within a limited amount of time.


Workshops ranging from how to create a simple 2D game in Unity to how to work with shader script files! Level up your dev skills!


The heart of the community. Trivia and prizes, talk about the hit games that are out and your favorite mechanics! VR free time is always after the meeting.

Dev Hours

Need to work on homework? Your future game? We provide a space for you to dev, away from the entropic universe.


If you would like to make donations, please do so by purchasing our game from our Itch.io page found on the Games tab. All proceeds will go towards AGL organization activities. Any donations will be delegated in ways that make the club more accessible and immersive for all members. Donations are not required, though please feel free if you would like to help out. Thank you!